Online promotion services

  • Competitive Intelligence

    The web is the sales channel with the highest rates of growth in the world. It is also the place par excellence where you can analyze trends and consumer demands, in order to understand how they are met: either with your products or with those of your competitors.
    The availability of this information is used to control your business with greater knowledge of what actually happens in the market.

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  • Online reputation

    The Internet is the most used environment in which businesses operate to promote themselves and to interact with customers and suppliers. As well as the website is considered the company business card, online reputation is the attention and care with which the company intends and is promoted online.
    While the website is a controlled environment by the company itself, the online reputation is also influenced by the opinions of the media and consumers, with results that are not always predictable.
    Managing online reputation means constantly checking the information being published about the company and its products, strengthening and qualifying its presence on the Internet, by positively influencing public opinions.

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  • Search for and find new customers

    The effectiveness of online marketing and the conversion of contacts into new customers are keys in the modern economy. With the GriffeShield proprietary technologies, online marketing and especially the conversion of new contacts into customers are enchanced with automatic devices that allow an extraordinary rendition.

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