Online Brand protection

Online Brand Protection is our vocation.
Our services safeguard companies’ business from the violations increasingly suffered on the Internet today, whose negative effects are not limited to the web but pervade the entire business activity, undermining its growth potential.

Today, no brand, in any B2C and B2B sector, is immune to abuses that damage investments and positioning to its customers and consumers, with negative repercussions far greater than one might imagine.
We carry out our activity thanks to the synergy between proprietary technological tools, which allow for effective and timely management of large volumes of information, and the expertise of our team based on intellectual property and Internet skills.
We employ a global approach, with the central objective being the protection of business, and we dedicate our commitment without limiting time or energy to minimize that required of our clients.”

With our services, we monitor and remove:

• Unauthorized uses of industrial property rights (trademarks, designs, and patents)
• Contents presenting unfair competition activities
• Sale of counterfeit products
• Copyright infringements
• Contents harmful to reputation
• Domain names in violation of industrial property rights

Research is conducted on three levels of analysis: verbal, semantic, and image-based.
We perform our services globally covering a wide spectrum of internet dimensions:

• Marketplace
• Social media
• Meta ADS
• App
• Website
• Domain names
• Web 3.0.

Our Full OBP service allows for thorough and complete protection of intellectual property rights on the internet.

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With this service, our clients benefit from continuous surveillance on internet dimensions of their interest, with dedicated periodic reports and relative assessment of the complexity of the violations encountered.

We provide accurate monitoring and enforcement services on WeChat and Redbook, Chinese apps that, from initial messaging services, have now become influential e-commerce platforms in China.

More and more companies encounter issues and abuses on the internet: is it worth having a proper Online Brand Protection strategy then?

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By using the Takedown on-demand service, our clients submit online content that is promptly analyzed and removed by our Enforcement Team.

In the Online Brand Protection context, we conduct analyses to optimize our clients' domain name portfolios to align and strengthen their brand representations and protections on the internet.

We can support our clients in drafting their own web policy, sharing best practices to regulate the use of the trademark, company information, and images on the internet by third parties.

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