Online price watch

Today, the business of all companies is significantly influenced by the e-commerce channel, both in terms of direct sales and indirectly through their own retailers, as well as by pricing implemented by competitors.
Analyzing the evolution of online prices internally, without adequate technological solutions, leads to sporadic, incomplete information that does not allow timely and precise decisions.
With our solution, it is possible to monitor the prices practiced globally on websites and marketplaces on a daily basis, by our retailers or by competitors on our products, verifying them either with dedicated reports or interactively on cloud dashboards.
The research and acquisition of data occur without language or currency limitations through the use of sophisticated scrapers, refined by machine learning systems.
The output of the service allows for complete and dynamic control thanks to the following:

• Sellers
• Real-time sales prices
• % discount
• Stock
• Promotions
• Price alerting thresholds
• Key performance indicators (KPIs)

Data is easily accessible and analyzable across various dimensions through the use of filters integrated into the dashboard. Basic information, such as the product catalogue and the list of sites covered by the service, can be updated extremely easily by the user as well.

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