Domain Names

“A proper strategy in domain names management is the cornerstone for an effective brand representation on the Internet.

A domain name is often the first online contact a consumer has with a brand, creating a crucial first impression. A clear and memorable domain name facilitates online search and increases brand visibility. Owning a domain with your own name allows you to control online presence and protect the brand image from potential misuse. Furthermore, a well-chosen domain can contribute to brand consistency across all communication channels. Finally, careful domain name management helps to avoid legal conflicts and protect the brand’s reputation in the long term.”

GriffeShield offers a comprehensive service on domain names, both in terms of management, monitoring, enforcement, and strategic portfolio definition:

Registration and renewal of domain names in all available extensions, including standard DNS management.

The service includes sending a periodic report containing information on domain names that include the client's brand in strictly identical, similar, or including additional elements. The search consults all domain name registries for all available extensions (.gTLDs, new .gTLDs, .ccTLDs).

Request for data disclosure of domain owner data.

Drafting agreements with third parties to transfer infringing domain names free of charge and a formal commitment not to use clients' rights or to register/deposit IP rights containing the same.

Specialized support is provided to mediate the purchase of Internet domains, both directly or anonymously.

Management of the secure domain name transfer procedure via platforms (Escrow, Sedo, etc.), following a purchase or mediation.

This service includes all phases: from case study, evidence collection, opinion drafting, and management of appropriate procedures aimed at reassignment in Italy, at WIPO, for geographic domain names (.ccTLDs).

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