Online Reputation

Maximizing brand and products reputation

We plan and implement interventions to grow, strengthen and protect the online reputation of brands and products by using the most advanced and effective techniques available today.

The two phases of online reputation

Managing your online reputation means controlling information that the Internet can retrieve about yourcompany and your products or services. Actions to be taken to create and maintain a good reputation online are divided into two phases: the first phase involves the restructuring and enhancement of the online identity; while the second phase concerns the monitoring and corrective actions to maintain the results achieved.
Both phases require specific skills. The amount of work needed to achieve the desired results depends on many factors, including the sectors of the holding. For some sectors the job is much more modest, indeed: with small investments even optimal results are achieved.

RealSentiment, the only technology that integrates sentiment and online surveys

Our online reputation analysis approach provides an extraordinary grip of the information with respect to the realities of the market. This is because we are able to compare and integrate data with appropriate surveys. To collect the data we use our proprietary technology RealSentiment.
RealSentiment analyzes the web and extracts information about a brand and its products cataloging them according to the sentiment or to the opinion of the public. In this way we can also measure the results of the online and offline promotion interventions in a global omni-channel communication.