For whom the GriffeShield services are

Mainly to medium and large Italian and international companies, to competent law firms in corporate law and consulting firms specializing in brand protection. Or in all cases where it is necessary the support of high-tech IT services for the analysis and management of online information.

Intervention Methodology

The simplicity above all. To treat a subject as complex as the online protection you need a simple system for those who must work and enjoy the services. For this purpose are strongly required information technology and computing power. To introduce GriffeShield services we perform free preliminary analysis with the customer or with the law firm in charge, so as to know the particularities of the brand and properly size the protective services.

Then we configure our systems to operate according to the requirements, we activate the customer-side control software platform and/or law firm-side. The software platform allows you to track and control the processes of monitoring / analysis / removal of Internet abuse in a simplified way and also figures in the company that do not have specific information or legal powers.

Operational methodology in GriffeShield protection services involves three steps:

1. Detection of infringements in the web

Our systems monitor Internet around the world and in the hundred most widely spoken languages ​​on all web channels, social networks, e-commerce portals, mobile applications, file sharing networks, dark web.

2. Analysis and cataloging information

The information extracted from the Internet is analyzed and cataloged automatically by the Artificial Intelligence module of the GriffeShield core system. The information is then shared with the customer company and/or with the legal support through the web interface of the system with multi-corporate / multi-language / multi-brand / multi-profile architecture.

3. Resolution of the issues

The GriffeShield system proceeds to the automatic reporting of validated abuses to eliminate or minimize the problems, according to the laws in force. Our IT consulting firm specializing also allows you to intervene in support of law firms for specific actions, including damage recovery.

Our field of action:

  • Domains
  • Web sites
  • Shops and portals
  • Blogs and Vlogs
  • Social networks
  • Forum and communities
  • Peer to peer
  • Mobile apps
  • Search engines
  • Dark web
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