Any company in any sector needs to protect its brand and products (or services) on the Internet. This is because the Internet is the sales channel with the highest growth rate in the world and the fastest, most widespread and effective source of information. The Internet is also a channel used by counterfeiters and criminals to operate on a large scale, with low investments and in total anonymity.

The damage caused to companies by online counterfeiting, both in terms of reputation and lost revenue, is substantial and growing. Today all big companies need to protect themselves from counterfeiting and online violations, and all the risks involved. Protecting yourself means saving a lot. Protecting yourself in an effective and flexible way means saving more.

At the same time the Internet is the most extraordinary means to promote brands and products all over the world. Companies of all sizes and sectors benefit from GriffeShield services for the analysis of online competition, building and maintaining a strong reputation, the enhancement of marketing and sales with advanced technologies used to automate work and achieve ambitious goals.

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