Law or IP firms

Protection on the Internet is an extremely complex matter, laborious to treat.
GriffeShield has made it ​​simple, thanks to the cutting-edge information technology, computing power, an innovative methodology.
With a single platform you can manage all the online issues related to unauthorized domain registrations, abuse of trademarks, product counterfeiting, unfair competition, copyright infringement, online reputation and all the web domains: registers, open web, portals, social networks, P2P, APP, dark web.
Law and IP firms, using the GriffeShield technology can provide a powerful, flexible, above all without the complexity, risks, internal costs.

In order to maximize the yield of online security, the correct approach of the studies is to manage high-level issues letting the GriffeShield technology automatically play for their technical work.
The benefits for studies are obvious in this way:

– More services and consulting value to customers

– More registrations of new brands / patents / design to protect customers on the web

– More disputes to be managed from the web, but with more efficiency

Law and IP firms that are GriffeShield partners have revolutionized the way they provide online protection to clients by raising their technological equipments and enjoying specialized technical support.
The partnership with GriffeShield is free, it has many advantages and it gives more competitiveness to the activity of law firms and IP.