With the aim of constantly improving the protection and promotion of online activities for our customers, we have developed a proprietary computer system which is able to automate the work, so our performance are increased both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Over time, the system has evolved by incorporating advanced technologies both on the hardware side and on the software side. This capability, combined with an ongoing review of the analysis methodologies, intervention and support, allows us to provide high levels of service to customers.

GriffeShield proprietary technologies

  • Ishtar II

    The GriffeShield computer system core is developed to achieve maximum performance on the supercomputer Ishtar II, a parallel supercomputer dedicated to the processing of big data. Ishtar II has been designed and implemented in the data center owned by GriffeShield.

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  • SpiderTree

    The SpiderTree technology is used to deliver most of the services offered. The technology behind SpiderTree is the result of the merger between the design of the search engines and advanced studies in artificial intelligence. With this technology the searches are drastically lower, the results are more accurate because the system learns how to exclude non-compliant results.

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  • Ankedator

    We use our proprietary platform Ankedator for the integrated management of social networking and email marketing services. The perfect communications integration in social networking allows you to maximize the promotional activities.

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  • RealSentiment

    To refine the assessment of online reputation we have developed a plug-in compatible with both SpiderTree and Ankedator technology to detect, understand and classify the sentiment in a sentence or in a text in the hundred most widely spoken languages in the world. This technology represents the state in the international arena in the field of online reputation.

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  • IDN Searcher

    It is a unified search system that can track Internet domain registration with exact names and similar ones for all active extensions, including registered domains with special languages and characters IDNs.

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  • Double Riser

    It is an image recognition technology that uses advanced techniques combined with GriffeShield proprietary solutions. Each image is saved and interpreted by the artificial intelligence engine that operates with a "environment carrier", which is a set of information regarding its contents.

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  • Robotycons

    Robotycons is an enhanced version of the AI engine owner of GriffeShield. It is used in the web for strategic marketing operations in order to maximize both the creation of new contacts and the conversion to new customers.

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