Specific Searches

Thanks to our research capabilities and dedicated team, we conduct research whose contents can be used to support consulting activities in industrial property.
The research is carried out on the Open Web, instructed through the definition of specific parameters and any additional accompanying information and delivered in a few working days.

Some examples of our specific research:

We search for the use of a brand or product or all online content related to sales and/or advertising related to a subject.

Through the combination of different technologies including image comparison, associative search, semantic analysis, we search on the Internet and/or IP databases for the uses of a product or design starting solely from an image (or a set of images) of the same.

This type of research is used to find evidence of use of exact or similar products or designs with dates prior to those of a design registered by third parties.

It is a search for all the uses carried out by a specific subject on the Internet (domains, websites, accounts on marketplaces or social networks, etc.) in synthetic form (one element/link for each manifestation), concerning a specific online violation, such as the sale of a counterfeit product.

Starting from information related to a well-identified online violation, such as the sale of a counterfeit product, all manifestations (domains, websites, accounts on marketplaces, accounts on social networks, etc.) of all subjects involved on the Internet and their possible connections are searched for. The purpose of this research is to obtain useful information for investigations related to scams, counterfeiting, copyright infringements, or other IP rights violations that may be attributed to a single subject or organization.

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