Unfair competition and frauds

Unfair competition

Unfair competition is a significant damage to the international market, specifically it attacks every individual company market. There are many types of unfair competition, some of them were born precisely in the digital era, such as the traffic diversion.

This phenomenon is based on confusing users, by making them believe that they have to do with a company/trusted brand, while they are routed to illegal sites of unfair competitors.
Through advanced algorithms, we search trademarks use in unfair competition, the products most sold, or clients’ terms and keywords on the web.
Verification on online pages is text based and is carried on in clear text on the code and on keywords.


On the Internet there are many frauds affecting the users. When a user buys a branded product and is defrauded, he tests disaffection for the brand.

It is an image damage as well as a damage for the lost earnings from the sale of an original product. Users are convinced that brand owners should take an interest in these issues and prevent situations of this type.

The GriffeShield solution allows you to monitor and eliminate frauds on the Internet very effectively, contributing to the protection of consumer confidence.