Security, spam and cybersquatting


Modern society increasingly relies on computerized data management. So that the protection of information systems is vital to ensure the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of data.

Cyber ​​attacks are increasing in the world. In particular, some applications are more sensitive than others, such as e-commerce sites where transaction data and payment cards are stored.

Spam: a seemingly innocuous threat

Spam is a widespread form of improper computer behavior: it is estimated that more than 88% of emails are junk or frauds. This “spamming” behavior is a crime and causes enormous damages to the reputation of a brand or product. It should therefore be faced in a serious and systematic way.
GriffeShield offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the flow of junk mail related to a brand or product. As a result, the brand gradually receives more credibility and commercial appeal.


The phenomenon of cybersquatting does not stop. In fact today there are many Internet domains that are registered in breach of famous trademarks, often for the economic goal of selling them or capturing the users’ traffic in unfair competition.

The GriffeShield solution for the protection of Internet domains allows you to monitor and prevent such situations. In addition, the advice of our experts allows to deal with confidence and effectiveness of recovery actions of domains already registered by third parties.