Protecting Intellectual Property on the Web

Ever since the Internet entered into service, the owners of the copyright have had to face new battles to defend their intellectual works. Unfortunately, the digital, in particular the Internet, allows you to copy and distribute illegally and easily texts, images, multimedia works, softwares.

The damages sustained by the software industry, publishing and record companies are huge. But even more serious it is that the battle seems lost and there may not be a permanent solution to address the problem. More and more strict laws against digital pirates and massive information campaigns against piracy were not used to combat it effectively. So is it everything lost? Not at all.

The solution is tackling the problem in quantitative terms. It is tipping the balance of power between piracy and the tools for monitoring and intervention. The GriffeShield solution for the protection of copyright on the Internet, thanks to sophisticated proprietary technologies, allows you to automate the control and removal of abuses. In this way, the abuses are quickly eliminated.