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Automatic Brand Protection & Promotion


Online Brand Protection


Protect the brand on the Internet

Protecting the brand today means first of all protecting it on the Internet because the Internet is the sales channel with the highest growth rate in the world and the biggest source of faster, widespread, effective information. The Internet is also a channel that allows counterfeiters and criminals to operate on a large scale, with low investments, in anonymity.
The damage caused to companies by online counterfeiting are substantial and growing, both in terms of reputation and of lost revenue.
Today all big companies feel the need to protect themselves from counterfeiting, from the online violations, from all the risks involved. Protecting yourself means saving a lot. Protecting yourself in an effective and flexible we means to save even more.

Online threatens

The dangers in which companies incur on the Internet are different. Such as cybersquatting, typosquatting, phishing, rogue sites, counterfeit goods, false affiliation, SEO violations, digital piracy, reputation damages, unfair competition. Our research and monitoring automatically identify all kinds of problems in the web. We are always updated on the evolution of new threats based on the proliferation of new technologies and the increasingly ingenious criminal practices.
The numbers of online counterfeiting worldwide are substantial and growing:
  • The volume of counterfeit goods sold in the world is estimated at over 500 billion dollars per year
  • The counterfeit merchandise sold online in the world is 1 product every 7 genuine products
  • Damage due to digital piracy in the world are estimated at over 85 billion dollars per year

The best solution for online protection

GriffeShield provides a technological solution to the state, unique in the international scene can optimize time and costs with automated, flexible and comprehensive. GriffeShield eliminates the need for client companies to spend resources for IT services or skills not adequate to deal with online threats, maximizing the performance of services and streamlining costs. In this way the client company immediately gets a huge risk reduction, a net saving on service costs. The client company can thus safeguard the effectiveness of its investments in marketing and online reputation, achieve recovery of sales burned by counterfeiting and online unfair competition.