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Automatic Brand Protection & Promotion




Online reputation

Internet is the most used instrument in which companies operate to promote themselves and to interact with customers and suppliers. As well as the website is considered the business card company, online reputation is the attention and care with which the company proposes and promotes itself online. While the website is controlled by the same environment, the online reputation is also influenced by the opinions of the media and consumers, with results which are not always predictable. [more info]

Online counterfeiting

The online counterfeiting is difficult to detect and to fight. Many statistics confirm that this phenomenon has considerable size and it produces severe damages to the economy, businesses and to the social fabric by subtracting jobs.
GriffeShield is engaged in the fight against online counterfeiting by providing cutting-edge business tools which can detect the problems. [more info]

Unfair Competition

Web unfair competition takes on new dangerous forms than what happens in the offline world. On the web you can easily distract consumers to websites, ads, social pages, containing competitive products or counterfeit products. Every company needs to monitor the Web and protect them from unfair competition and from economic damage that it causes. [more info]


Internet Copyright protection is critical to all sectors, like publishing, discography, software. Ever since the Internet there are problems of software piracy, movies, the music, the books. The nature of the Internet provides users with a certain level of anonymity and the ability to share contents with other users, often using computer systems that may be located geographically in other countries in the world and be cloaked with various tricks. [more info]


Internet users can be cheated in different ways such as through theft of credit cards, fake Web sites, false ads for sale. Criminals use the internet with “evil creativity” to find new ways to attract users to cheat. In addition to the economic damage to the user, there is also a profound damage to the image of the Brand of the purchased product, with high probability of disaffection toward the same user cheated. [more info]


Internet security is an increasingly topical issue. More and more information is transferred from offline to online world to be managed more efficiently and with all the advantages offered by the new digital technologies. Security becomes a critical aspect to ensure the protection of information and functionality of the computer systems that manage them. [more info]


Spam is an incorrect practice that involves sending massive and unauthorized e-mail messages to users who have not requested or agreed to establish communication with the sender of the same.
While there are several systems, including economic, to highly restrict the spam messages are received by users, the phenomenon does not stop and often also causes economic damage to companies. For example, it is often associated with the sale of fake products or unfair competition. [more info]


The registration of internet domains is possible by anyone in almost all extensions. The registration provides the exclusive use of the domain to anyone who registers. Unfortunately many domains related to famous brands are registered by third parties seeking to profit from the sale of the same to the rightful owners or using them to steal internet traffic in unfair competition. [more info]