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Automatic Brand Protection & Promotion



GriffeShield serves international companies of different sizes. From medium-sized businesses to large companies to the Fortune Top. The areas served currently include:
Clothing Energy
Food and beverage Pharmaceutical
Furniture and furnishings Jewelry and watches
Sporting goods Real estate
Insurance Entertainment and online games
Automotive Mechanics
Banking Music
Consumer goods Little stuff
Footwear Spare parts
Airlines and shipping Financial services
Cosmetics Online services
Design Software
Building Telephony
Publishing and Multimedia Heating and plumbing
Appliances Online sales
Electronics Travels
GriffeShield operates in the most scrupulous respect for privacy, security and identity of its customers.
Contact us to know our international references and the most important case histories.

GriffeShield, the benefits for the key figures in the company

The introduction of GriffeShield services in the company optimizes the activities of the figures that typically deal with the protection and promotion of the brand.


Clear and concise reporting

The management is interested in streamlining the online protection and promotion of the brand and to obtain clear synthetic reports to associate their trend to board or property.


Savings and Flexibility
The automation offered by GriffeShield allows a net saving on the costs of protection and promotion activities on the Internet, the complete evidence and tracking of online risks.

Legal & Brand Protection

Automation and specialized consultancy
The legal department is finally able to have the framework of the online situation and to automate all of the activities related to online protection. You can also count on the specialized GriffeShield support for any problem.

Marketing manager

Stop the image damage and strengthening the promotion online
The marketing department is interested in the reputational damage that comes from online abuse and counterfeiting. But it is also the first party regarding the protection of the reputation and online promotion, where the GriffeShield automatic technologies allow results otherwise unthinkable.

Ecommerce manager

Stop unfair competition
Internet traffic that comes to e commerce is crucial for sales. GriffeShield fights unfair competition that traffic steals and creates reputational damage.

Sales manager

Discipline online sales network
Monitoring online sales network port to discover abuses and unfair trade policies, in a reflected way in the network offline sales. At the same time it allows GriffeShield to seize new opportunities and relationships in B2B.

Customer service

The final response to customer reports
Adopting GriffeShield services minimizes damages, fights effectively online scams. Customer Service can reduce the time taken to handle the complaints of defrauded consumers and at the same time can inform consumers that the company is actively working to protect the trust in the brand.

IT manager

Optimized information management
IT can focus on core business issues, avoiding burdened Internet search activities that require huge amounts of time, manual labor, specific legal knowledge. At the same time in GriffeShield systems it is extremely simple to manage specific company information, useful to optimize the protection and promotion online.