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Automatic Brand Protection & Promotion


Protect trademarks, domains and products from online counterfeiting

Protect copyright on the Internet

Protect the online reputation

Find and convert new customers

Our Mission

We fight counterfeiting and online infringements in all forms, protecting the image and value of corporate investments of our customers.
With the best technology on the international scene we identify fake domains, unauthorized e-commerce, counterfeit goods, trademark abuses, copyright infringements, unfair competition, online damages to reputation, promptly act to solve or minimize the encountered problems. We also act to provide advanced solutions in digital marketing for the promotion of brands and products on the web.

Our Customers

More and more companies protect and promote their brands and products on the web with our services because they feel it is strategic to rely on a competent external and reliable partner.
Even law firms specialized in intellectual property law and consulting firms for brands and patents believe that our services are valuable tools to optimize work with client firms.
Worldwide solutions for brand protection

With the most advanced proprietary technologies, we help you
  • Discover abusers of your trademarks, domains, products on the web
  • Enforce your rights on the Internet
  • Manage business policies of your network marketing on the Internet
  • Monitor, protect and maximize your online reputation
  • Monitor the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns
  • Track and compare your business with the competitors’ one
  • Find and convert new customers
  • Analyze and choose new opportunities for your business


Our Services

Services for the online protection
  • Domains protection
  • Trademarks protection
  • Products protection
  • Copyright protection
  • Protection against frauds
  • Reputation protection
  • Retail policies monitoring
  • Digital marketing control
  • Security and security tests
Services for the online promotion
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Online reputation
  • Search and discovery new customers

All services are integrated into the GriffeShield software platform, available in the cloud from any kind of device.
griffeshield services

The advantages of online protection

Over the 98% of large companies in the world, in all sectors, now feels the need to implement an online protection strategy for their brands and products. The advantages of online protection are manifold, including:
  • Preserving the integrity of the brand and intellectual property
  • Preserving the effectiveness of investment in marketing
  • Protecting the online brand reputation
  • Reducing revenue loss due to online counterfeiting
  • Protecting consumer confidence
  • Avoiding unfair diverting customers
  • Monitoring trade policies in the online authorized sales network
  • Protecting online products and copyrighted material
  • Preserving the investment in e-commerce
  • Preserving the loyal users to the brand from online scams
  • Increase the security of data and e-commerce transactions
18/05/2016 – Online Counterfeit
“GriffeShield overturned the balance of power between companies and online counterfeiting. With their cutting-edge technologies he has led the fight against online counterfeiting to a new level…”
27/03/2016 – Digital Scenarios
“The GriffeShield support, monitoring and protection of online reputation are made automatically and in the hundred most widely spoken languages in the world, according to the policies chosen by the customer…”

Worldwide solutions for brand protection

Our Technologies

The need to constantly improve the protection and promotion of online activities for our customers has led us to develop proprietary technologies and an ever more sophisticated computer system. The system is able to automate any dedicated operation, ensuring higher quantitative and qualitative performance.


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